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NAME / TEXT on a duck of YOUR CHOICE

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We have a lot of ducks on our site that we can make personal by sticking a water-resistant sticker with name or text on it. The costs for this are € 3.95.

It is important that there is room on the duckl to stick the sticker on. If in doubt, it is better to contact us; Then we will see if a sticker fits on your chosen rubber duck or frog.

NOTE: YOU ONLY ORDER THE STICKER (TEXT) FOR A DUCK HERE. YOU STILL HAVE TO ORDER THE DUCK ITSELF. you can then indicate here on which duck the sticker should be for.

Long texts can only be made in the font impact. Also take a look at all the images of ducks that we have made for other customers.

Delivery time 2 to 4 days. If you need the ducklings quickly, please contact us regarding the delivery time.

If you want to print a rubber duck with "ink" then you can do so from 25 pieces, for more info click HERE.

Please note: This duck cannot be returned.

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