Our own designs

  • In addition to being a wholesaler and therefore having our own rubber ducks made, we are also a reseller. So we make part of the ducks on our site ourselves and we can sell them for purchase prices
  • You can recognize the ducks that we have made ourselves by the letter B after the name. We also make the rubber ducks of the DUTCH DUCKY and DUCKY TALK brands ourselves, so you will also receive special prices for these, if you become a reseller.
  • If you are a reseller and would like to sell our ducks, please contact us; or call 0255-754807

Reseller account

  • We have a special category for resellers: RESELLER PRODUCTS.
  • You can only see this category if you have a special account for it.
  • So if we agree that you become a reseller of ours, you can create an account on our site. Which we can adjust to a reseller account. You can then view and order our "wholesale rubber ducks" in the RESELLER PRODUCTS category.

Not a wholesale duck, but still a discount.

  • We notice that it is interesting for some resellers to be able to purchase 1 type of rubber duck. Such as, for example, the store focused on gifts for healthcare. They would like a nurse duck, a doctor duck, etc. You cannot sell 1 duck at a supplier of rubber ducks and that is why we do offer that option.
    So we make a special price for those ducks. You can also find those prices in the RESELLER PRODUCTS category. Have you seen a duckling that is not a "wholesale duckling" but would like to add it to the RESELLER PRODUCTS category? Let us know and we'll add the duck.


  • Prices quoted on our site include VAT
  • We can also email a price list with all "wholesale rubber ducks" on it. The prices on that list are exclusive of VAT.
  • If you want to order our ducks as a reseller: you have to go to our special category RESELLER PRODUCTS, so please do not use the search function for our own design ducks, otherwise you will not get the right prices.
  • You can buy our ducks per piece, so we have no minimum order quantity. We only have a minimum order amount of € 40,-
  • The delivery time is (if in stock) 1 to 2 working days.
  • De The shipping costs are € 3.50.

With logo or text 

  • We can also print ducks. For example, we have "I LOVE AMSTERDAM" rubber ducks. Which we can customize to any city you want. If you have a nice idea for a text or logo, that is of course also possible. We like to think along with you, so don't hesitate to contact us.

We hope to welcome you as a reseller.