We can print a logo or text on a rubber duck for you. The minimum order quantity is 50 pieces. You can put the name of your newborn on our baby ducks for a great babyshower thank you gift. Our Just Married duck with the date and name of the bride and groom is a nice wedding thank you gift. A duck with a company logo is an original give away for companies, many customers have already ordered a duck with logo or print before you.


A logo or text printed on a rubber duck is not the only way to personalize a duck. You can put a duck in one of our boxes and stick a customized sticker on it. Or what about a customized label, with an invitation or message? Check out Personalization on our website. There you can find also our special duck scarves, we can embroider with a personal text.


On our site you can use our printing tool to make a design on a duck. Note: that the tool can make the print bigger than what actually fits on the duck. We always mail a digital example first, see also the section: HOW TO ORDER.


The prices below are based on printing of small quantities in the Netherlands. If you want to print a large quantity (at least 1000 pieces) we can also make the ducks with logo in China. Please note: the delivery time is than around 60 days. Printing in China is cheaper than printing ducks in the Netherlands. Please contact us for the possibilities: info@badeendwinkel.nl. Looking for a specific (theme) duck, but you cannot find it on our site? Please send us an email, we like to think along with you.

Below you find more information and prices (inclucing VAT) for printing on a rubber duck.


  • The easiest way is to click on the button PRINTING . You can find the button by each duck that we can print. Here you can edit the duck yourself and see the costs immediately. By changing the quantity, you can see by different quantities what a duck with a logo or print will cost. The higher the quantity, the cheaper the duck will be and the cost for a logo or print per duck.
  • With a print in one color you pay 55 euro for the one-time setup costs. In addition, you pay an amount per duck. The costs for printing per duck can be seen in the table below.

1 color
25+ 1,78 euro
50+ 1,23 euro
99+ 0,75 euro
249+ 0,57 euro
349+ 0,46 euro
499+ 0,37 euro
1000+ 0,33 euro

  • In principle, we can print in two colors. but it is possible that the 2nd color is not perfectly suited to the first color. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. If you need at least 1000 pieces and you can wait 60 days? Our supplier from the Far East can perfectly print in more colors. The prices for this are on request.


  1. You can place your order on our site. Minimum number for printing on ducks is 25 ducks.
  2. You Always pay the one time set-up cost if you want your ducks printed. This is a standard amount: 55 Euro for a print in 1 color and 78 Euro for 2 colors (only on request). 
  3. Besides the set-up cost you pay an amount per print/per duck, this will get cheaper if you order more ducks. See the prices in the above table. The pricebreaks of the ducks will be inserted automatically if you choose for more rubber ducks.
  4. Click on the duck of your choice and then on the button "Bedrukken/printing". Is the button not visible, then is printing on the chosen duck probably not possible. Please contact us to see if there are other possibilities. You will now come on the page where you can put a text or logo on your duck so you have an idea how your duck will look with logo or text. Note: that the tool can make the print bigger than what actually fits on the duck. We always mail a digital example first.
  5. After you have adjusted the duck with your logo or text you can see the total price of the duck with print.
  6. If you choose for a logo you need, after you made the order, to sent us the logo by mail in a EPS or PDF file to info@badeendwinkel.nl
  7. Go to the checkout.
  8. We Always mail a digital example of the duck with print to get your approval before it goes in production. After the approval the printer will start to produce the ducks. 


  • If your company is located outside the Netherlands and has a VAT number you dont have to pay the 21% VAT. All our prices are with 21% VAT. With checkout you can fill in your companyname and VAT number, the prices will then be without VAT.
  • You receive with the confirmation mail of the order the invoice.


  • The average delivery time is about two weeks. Please inform us as soon as possible about the required delivery date. Especially if you would like to have a delivery date that is shorter than 2 weeks, so we can see whether we can deliver on time.
  • The delivery time also depends on the delivery of a correct logo, and the approval of the digiproef. (The digiproef is a digital image of your personalised rubber duck). Also keep in mind that we supply only when the upfront payment is received.


  • In principle we can print a logo on each rubber duck. Off course you can see a logo or text better on a rubber duck in one colour. For the standard rubber ducks, please check out the category: BASIC DUCKS.


  • You will receive an order confirmation by email. If you received this email it also tells you that we received the order correctly.
  • Next, we will check if we have received all the required information, like logo, colour, letter type, delivery date and the place where you want the logo to be printed. We will also check if the quality of the logo is sufficient.
  • Before we start printing, you will receive a digiproef, this is a digital image of the personalised rubber duck. If there is anything you want to change, after receiving the digiproef, please let us know. We will start printing after we receive an approval of the digiproef. Off course we will deliver the rubber ducks as soon as possible, but keep in mind that we only supply when the upfront payment is received.


  • If you have any questions please contact  info@badeendwinkel.nl
    Or contact us by telephone: 0031 (0)255 754807

Printed ducks are super as a business gift, wedding thank you and babyshower thank you. Contact us for all the possibillities